Online donations to Starfish Kenya are greatly appreciated. One hundred percent (100%) of child sponsorship funds directly support the needs of the children.

Monthly support for House of Hope provides for the basic needs of a child, including food, clothing, and shelter, basic medical care, and education. Monthly support is the most critical and vital need.

Monthly support for St. Anna’s provides education for a child, including supplies, school shoes and a school uniform, plus school meals. In addition, basic medical care at the St. Anna’s clinic is provided.

General Fund donations meet the critical needs of children who are not yet sponsored, supplement the sponsorship program for the added expense of schooling for older children, provide for growth and expansion of needed facilities and services, and provide enrichment, such as skills training, field trips and on-campus seminars and retreats to enhance the lives of the children. A small percentage is used for administrative costs, which are kept to a bare minimum due to the vast volunteer support Starfish Kenya is fortunate to have.

To make an online donation to Starfish Kenya, click on the link below.

To sponsor a child at House of Hope or St. Anna’s, please click here