House of Hope currently cares for over 300 children from early primary through university. The main focus of House of Hope is providing a well-rounded, excellent education and skills training program in order to offer each child hope for the future. Starfish Kenya and House of Hope partner closely to provide care for the whole child physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In addition to education and skills training, support from Starfish Kenya provides 24/7 care while the children are on campus, including food, clothing, shelter, supplies and basic health care. The children are provided numerous opportunities for community and spiritual growth, as well as opportunities for extracurricular activities such as sports and the arts. Our high school graduates are afforded the chance to apply for scholarships for post high school education in colleges, universities and technical training programs. Their expenses are provided through our Higher Education fund and the Jimmie Hazen Scholarship Fund.

Through the support of donors over the years, Starfish Kenya has been able to provide 22 acres for the expansion of facilities for more children at House of Hope, funding for the House of Hope School, a state of the art chemistry lab, a multi-purpose building for church and other events, a playground and sports fields for recreation, a water well, a sanitary sewer treatment system, development of farmland, a biogas plant for fuel, and a library outfitted with the latest information technology for access to extensive curriculum for K-12.

Thanks to the support of Starfish Kenya, House of Hope’s outreach has touched not only over 300 orphaned and disadvantaged children, many of whom were in critical condition, but the lives of hundreds of children, families and the community at large. With the love and individual care given at House of Hope, the transformation in the children is truly astounding.