Starfish Kenya is dedicated to making the words, “Jesus loves me, this I know,” a reality by providing care for children in Kenya who have been devastated by poverty and the effects of AIDS.

Starfish Kenya currently provides resources for two projects in Kenya: House of Hope and St. Anna Care Centre. Both projects benefit from financial support as well as partnership for the betterment of children’s lives. Our primary focus is helping children who are in the most desperate of circumstances. Once under the care of our partnering ministries, we help provide them with food, clothing, shelter, clean water, medical aid, education, and love.

Starfish Kenya began in 2001 when Roy and Pam Newberry, founders of Starfish Kenya, made their first journey to Kenya. During this visit, the Newberry’s were overcome with the despair and hopelessness as they witnessed the ravages of the AIDS pandemic on the children of Kenya. “With over two million children orphaned and many living on the streets, it is easy to be paralyzed into doing nothing,” said Pam Newberry, “but God was impressing upon our hearts to focus on one child at a time, and for every child we could help, it would make a difference to that child. The Starfish story kept coming to mind .” The story of the Starfish

Today, Starfish Kenya has seen “one child at a time” translate into helping over 400 children who are current or former beneficiaries of one of our two sponsored projects. These children are not just surviving, they are flourishing. The young adults who have benefited from sponsorship since 2001 are now part of assisting and encouraging those children coming behind them. In addition, many families who were in dire need of assistance have enjoyed the blessings of sponsorship through the love and care shown to the children in their extended family. Almost all of our children have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS, so most of them have a guardian who is a grandparent or an aunt or uncle. The elderly and those who are struggling to provide for their own children greatly appreciate the assistance for the children in their extended families who have suffered the loss of their parents. Some of our children have no traceable relatives. These children are lovingly cared for by the House of Hope family.

Starfish Kenya operates almost exclusively by volunteers who pour their lives and finances into helping the children we serve. As such, administrative costs are kept to a minimum.

Everything we do at Starfish Kenya flows from our commitment to our mission statement.